Summary of year 2018, Plan for year 2019

Today is April 13th of year 2019. It seems a bit late for a summary of 2018 and a plan for 2019, but I believe that it’s never too late to do sth.

2019 is a special year

Yeah, 2019 is special because will have a baby in this year. It made me nervous all the time in my deep heart. All my focus was on my baby, and I was too busy to give a free moment to summarize my year of 2018 and give a decent plan for year of 2019, but now I am available because my baby daughter has been born at April 7th of 2019, So let me begin.

Summary of 2018

I’ve achieved the goal of making 20+ courses on and I’m happy with myself but not so proud because I made just 21 courses and it’s not too many.

For the stock market, I’m a loser. Not only the amount of money I put into the stock market did not exceed 70,000 rmb, but also year of my yield was negative. I was just lucky in year of 2017, but this luckiness was not last for 2018. Truth be told, I’m not an expert on stock investment, so I plan to quit the stock market.

In 2018, I planned to publish a book about ClickHouse but underestimated the difficulty of writing a technical book. For this goal, I failed again, and just wrote about 10000 characters. In 2019, I will keep doing this but not expect to finish this book.

In 2018, I planned to learn some online courses and read some books, but failed again, so here I realized I need to do the math of substraction, and listed too many courses or books to finish was not a wise choice, because you just did not have enough time.

Plan for 2019

After my baby daughter came out, I asked myself again and again with the question: “what do you truly want to become?” Currently, I’m good software engineer with about 8 years experience. I can definitely become a technical expert in some field in the long run, but it’s not exactly what I want for my career. What I want for my career is to start a technical company doing business in the field of education. My plan should help me to achieve this final goal.

  1. Make “Algorithm Master” OnLine.
  2. Get the scholarship of Shanghai Jiaotong Uninversity’s MBA Program in 2020. ~20W rmb.
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