Ceph v10.2.3 RGW源码解析2



 * All operations via the rados gateway are carried out by
 * small classes known as RGWOps. This class contains a req_state
 * and each possible command is a subclass of this with a defined
 * execute() method that does whatever the subclass name implies.
 * These subclasses must be further subclassed (by interface type)
 * to provide additional virtual methods such as send_response or get_params.


所有通过rgw的操作,都会封装成一个RGWOps, 这个类里面包含req_state。每一个命令都是一个定义了execute()方法的子类。 每个子类,还可以进一步继承,实现一些其他方法,如send_response、get_params。



  RGWRados::Object op_target(store, s->bucket_info, *static_cast<RGWObjectCtx *>(s->obj_ctx), obj);
  RGWRados::Object::Read read_op(&op_target);




struct RGWPeriodConfig
  RGWQuotaInfo bucket_quota;
  RGWQuotaInfo user_quota;



 * Get data about an object out of RADOS and into memory.
 * bucket: name of the bucket the object is in.
 * obj: name/key of the object to read
 * data: if get_data==true, this pointer will be set
 *    to an address containing the object's data/value
 * ofs: the offset of the object to read from
 * end: the point in the object to stop reading
 * attrs: if non-NULL, the pointed-to map will contain
 *    all the attrs of the object when this function returns
 * mod_ptr: if non-NULL, compares the object's mtime to *mod_ptr,
 *    and if mtime is smaller it fails.
 * unmod_ptr: if non-NULL, compares the object's mtime to *unmod_ptr,
 *    and if mtime is >= it fails.
 * if_match/nomatch: if non-NULL, compares the object's etag attr
 *    to the string and, if it doesn't/does match, fails out.
 * get_data: if true, the object's data/value will be read out, otherwise not
 * err: Many errors will result in this structure being filled
 *    with extra informatin on the error.
 * Returns: -ERR# on failure, otherwise
 *          (if get_data==true) length of read data,
 *          (if get_data==false) length of the object
// P3 XXX get_data is not seen used anywhere.
int RGWRados::Object::Read::prepare(int64_t *pofs, int64_t *pend)




175342 2016-11-15 10:02:55.384666 7f68b99e0700 10 mon.a@0(leader).data_health(3) share_stats
175343 2016-11-15 10:02:55.384674 7f68b99e0700 -1 mon.a@0(leader).data_health(3) reached critical levels of availa       ble space on local monitor storage -- shutdown!
175344 2016-11-15 10:02:55.384676 7f68b99e0700  0 ** Shutdown via Data Health Service **



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