Ceph CRUSH Map 维护详解

如何看待CRUSH Map?

CRUSH maps contain a list of OSDs, a list of ‘buckets’ for aggregating the devices into physical locations, and a list of rules that tell CRUSH how it should replicate data in a Ceph cluster’s pools.

CRUSH Location

OSD在CRUSH Map中的位置,叫做CRUSH Location。举例如下:

root=default row=a rack=a2 chassis=a2a host=a2a1

默认情况下, OSD的CRUSH Location是root = default, host = $(hostname -s)。

可以使用ceph-crush-location这个命令查询某个OSD的crush location? 这种表述是错误的。 ceph-crush-location这个脚本是用来产生crush location的。如何产生呢? 涉及到ceph.conf中

ceph@ceph-node4:~$ ceph-crush-location --cluster ceph  --id 0 --type osd
host=ceph-node4 root=default



CRUSH location hook by example

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