Ceph Pool PG配置说明

Pool和PG的配置,是Ceph存储里最需要关注的核心点,对这块配置的掌握,有利于提升和优化Ceph集群的整体性能。官方文档中,强调了需要重新配置pool’s replica size和默认的PG个数。可以通过两种方式改写,一种是在ceph.conf的global段中添加新的配置项,另一个是使用命令。



    # By default, Ceph makes 3 replicas of objects. If you want to make four 
    # copies of an object the default value--a primary copy and three replica 
    # copies--reset the default values as shown in 'osd pool default size'.
    # If you want to allow Ceph to write a lesser number of copies in a degraded 
    # state, set 'osd pool default min size' to a number less than the
    # 'osd pool default size' value.

    osd pool default size = 4  # Write an object 4 times.
    osd pool default min size = 1 # Allow writing one copy in a degraded state.

    # Ensure you have a realistic number of placement groups. We recommend
    # approximately 100 per OSD. E.g., total number of OSDs multiplied by 100 
    # divided by the number of replicas (i.e., osd pool default size). So for
    # 10 OSDs and osd pool default size = 4, we'd recommend approximately
    # (100 * 10) / 4 = 250.

    osd pool default pg num = 250
    osd pool default pgp num = 250

上面的注释里,阐述了一个计算一个pool里应该设置多少个PG的方法:100 * (OSD的个数)/ (副本的个数)

mon max pool pg num => pool包含PG个数的上限。

mon pg create interval => PG创建之间的间隔(啥意思?)

mon pg stuck threshold => PG被认为stuck所需的秒数

osd pg bits => 什么鬼?

osd pgp bits => PGP是什么鬼?

osd crush chooseleaf type => 什么鬼?

osd crush initial weight => 新加一个osd,默认给的初始化权重值

osd pool default crush replicated ruleset => 当创建一个冗余的pool时,使用的默认的ruleset

osd pool erasure code stripe width => 不懂

osd pool default size => 默认的副本个数(相对于pool来讲的)

osd pool default min size => 决定ceph集群在degraded状态下,所要写的最少副本数。

osd pool default pg num => 一个pool默认的PG个数

osd pool default pgp num => PGP应该和PG一致

osd pool default flags => 啥叫flags?

osd max pgls => 列举PG列表时,分页的个数上限

osd min pg log entries => 日志相关

osd default data pool replay window => 啥意思?relay


Ceph Pool PG配置说明

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